Marketing for Psychologist Rebeca Martinez

October 17, 2022

From zero patients to having a full agenda in less than 3 months.

Learn about the case of how Rebeca Martínez created a psychology clinic from zero, achieving more than 150 therapies per month, in less than 3 months, with the services of Digital X Studio.


Creating a psychology clinic from scratch

Rebeca Martínez is a Salvadoran psychologist who became independent in 2022 in her proven practice as a psychologist, she has extensive knowledge in psychology, but she needed to generate a constant flow of patients.

“Everyone in my industry has social media, a website, google search engine… what makes the difference with Digital X services is how they put it all together and create a great strategy…  This is what has made a big difference.”

Psychologist Rebeca Martinez


To get patients in a market crowded with psychologists.

The volume of clients and referrals by clients that Rebeca had at the beginning was not enough to maintain a clinic. Therefore, she needed to start attracting more clients by positioning herself digitally, generating a brand, and differentiating herself from the rest of the psychologists in El Salvador.


Create a brand that stands out from other psychologists.

Being a new psychological clinic, a low-cost solution was sought to have the highest return on investment in the short term.

Identity (Branding)

Knowledge (Web development)

Exposition (Google Ads)


The first thing that was developed was a personal brand identity for psychologist Rebeca Martínez, which had to represent her:

  1. Who is psychologist Rebecca?
  2. How is she different from the rest?
  3. How do her patients identify her?
  4. How would she like to be perceived?

Rebeca is a young person, enthusiastic and above all jovial with her patients. As many of her patients have told her, “I feel like I'm talking to a friend, who knows how to help me”.

This created the bases to generate a formal brand, very elegant and at the forefront, with accents of cheerful colors, to make the brand warmer, seeking to convey greater empathy.

In the visual elements such as images and photographs, the style was sought in the most casual way possible and close to the viewer to generate trust from the moment zero.

Web development

Before starting to attract new patients, it is necessary to have a place, and a website, where the client can find more information and generate empathy so that clients decide to schedule an appointment.

To generate the web page, the identity, the person who had been created, was resumed, using the colors, typography, and elements previously developed.

Writing the texts was done in the first person as if psychologist Rebeca were speaking directly to the reader to generate a greater sense of trust and closeness.

As the main objective of the page is to generate Leads (possible new customers), a single CTA (call to action) is used: write me by WhatsApp. Different messages were used for this;. “let's talk” “write me” “schedule an appointment” “start today”.

To close the cycle of consultation or knowledge, an automatic message has also been made when clients write to have a higher conversion rate. With this, it was achieved that patients give their information to be able to give better follow-up by her.

Google Ads

By having ready where to attract customers and a center where they could answer their questions, different campaigns were launched in Google ADS.

Rebecca's main services were defined:

  1. face to face therapy
  2. online therapy
  3. anxiety therapy
  4. depression treatment
  5. child therapy

To which, unique text ads were created for each service to make it relevant to those who search for it.

These ads optimized by services plus the ad spend allowed the psychologist's page to appear in first place from day 1 of launching the campaign.


The results obtained by this campaign in the first three months are:

58,430 Website Visits

64 New contracts

64 New Patients

In the first 3 months, psychologist Rebeca's clinic has managed to have a constant flow of new patients (approximately 34 new patients per month), which has allowed further growth.

In addition to this, the professionalism and passion that Rebeca puts into her clinic generates a high retention of patients, making the investment to acquire new customers much more profitable (seen in the medium and long term).

Currently, she has a completely full schedule of patients to see.