Medic Marketing – Gabriel Arevalo MD

October 17, 2022

Recognized in its industry for the use of digital marketing

Consistency and perseverance always yield results, after developing an SEO strategy to position the website of Gabriel Arévalo, it is now recognized within its hernia surgeon industry as a reference in medical marketing.

Find out how Digital X helped Dr. Gabriel Arévalo position his website.

Gaining popularity as a robotic hernia surgeon.

Gabriel Arevalo is a gastroenterologist specializing in robotic hernia operations in Houston, Texas. In 2020 Gabriel wanted to start positioning his name digitally since he saw how other doctors were doing it successfully.

“The convenience of working with Digital X is the time available and the speed with which they carry out their work.”

Gabriel Arévalo MD


To have visibility as a hernia doctor in Houston.

In 2020, Dr. Arévalo wanted to start positioning his name as a hernia surgeon in the area. So a strategy of SEO and SEM was developed to achieve this.

The Solution

Create an easy to navigate and use web site for seniors.

From the beginning, Dr. Arévalo knew how he wanted to position himself, as a robotic hernia surgeon in Houston. This delimited the project and the necessary research to determine the strategy.


Copy writing

Design and development



As Dr. Arevalo wanted to position himself organically with SEO. He contended for keywords in his industry, a search for words related to hernia and gastroenterology was carried out to define the type of content, sections, and structure that the website would have.

This created the architecture of the site and the foundation for creating content that was optimized to rank for these words in English and Spanish.

Copy writing

Having the structure of the website, the services, and the keywords for optimization, the website information was written together with Dr. Arévalo. Where each disease is explained, the treatments, and how Dr. Arévalo without hesitation was the best option to operate, turning the CTA (call to action) to make an appointment.

We support the content with videos and images of real cases of Doctor Arévalo in order to give greater creativity and authority to what was being said on the site.


Most of Dr. Arévalo's patients are seniors with great difficulty understanding and navigating websites. They are more used to calling and having direct contact with someone.

So a fairly simple design was developed where you could always find what you were looking for quickly at the beginning of each page. With this, it was also developed to make each action striking, especially calling, seeing, addressing, and contacting (relevance order).


As we wanted to have a site that in the long term would maintain its position on its own, we used SEO strategies to achieve organic traffic (free) through content.

At the same time, we were looking for a higher traffic quickly, so we used Google Ads to position the site in the first places quickly.

Short-term (Google ADS)

To start attracting new customers, different ads were created on Google as banners to promote the different services, selecting keywords by service.

This segmentation helped direct people to the area of ​​the website where the relevant information is according to their needs.

Media Term (SEO and Content creation)

Many diseases are unknown to people, or they only have a vague idea of ​​what they are at the time they are diagnosed, so they start looking for information. The case of hernias is no exception.

Many people begin to investigate when they need to know what else they can do about their hernia, so a strategy was created to generate informative content to be able to position Dr. Arévalo when people need him.

In such a way, the first option of surgeon that they saw or considered as a reference was Dr. Arévalo.


Over the course of 2 years and a half, an average of 1.5k monthly visits was achieved, this growth has been exponential.

300,000 Website Visits

86 Organic Visits / Moth

86 New patients

All this and being always present in the first positions in Google when searching for hernias in Texas positioned Dr. Arévalo as one of the best-positioned doctors in his industry.